My name is Timothy Michael Good and I am running to be the next District Attorney of Johnson and Somervell Counties. First and foremost, I am a Christian, Husband, Father, and Conservative Republican — in that order. I have practiced law since 2011 and I am Board Certified in Criminal Law, a certification that only 785 attorneys in the State of Texas have. I am also one of only 4 attorneys who reside in Johnson County that hold this certification. For the past decade, I have served as a prosecutor and an advocate for the most vulnerable in our society. I have served for the last 7 years as an assistant district attorney in the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office, and before that, I served with the Nueces County Attorney’s Office representing CPS in emergency removal hearings and trials in cases of severe neglect and abuse of children.

I am a native Texan, born and raised in Fort Worth. I attended Grace Preparatory Academy in Arlington, Texas before going to the University of Texas at Arlington for my undergraduate degree. After college, I went to law school at Liberty University in Virginia, where I met my wife, Melanie. After we graduated in 2010, we both moved back to Texas.

As a prosecutor, I have tried numerous felony jury trials, including those involving charges of murder, domestic violence, drug possession, child pornography, and sexual abuse of children. I have also made it a priority in my career to collaborate, support, and train with law enforcement at the federal, state, and local levels. I believe that this background has prepared me to serve the citizens of Johnson and Somervell Counties as your next District Attorney, and as such, I humbly ask for our vote in the upcoming Republican primary on March 5, 2024.

My commitment to the people of Johnson and Somervell Counties.

I will serve both counties and treat them as equal. Likewise, I will not favor any city or people group over another. No citizen is above the law or below its protection.

I will pursue equal justice: case outcome will be fact driven, not people driven.

I will be open, transparent, and accessible to the general public; I will regularly make myself available to meet with citizens to hear and address their concerns.

The men and women of law enforcement are the backbone of our justice system, and as such, I will pursue a collaborative and working relationship with each and every law enforcement agency within both counties. I will offer free legal training to law enforcement to further equip them to better serve their communities and I will personally meet with each Chief of Police on a regular basis. I will seek to ensure that the men and women in blue are respected and appreciated, and I will do my utmost to support them in their noble mission.

I will not allow case outcomes to be effected by relationships with local attorneys.

I will recuse myself from being involved in investigations or prosecutions of people or groups that I am closely associated with or have a close personal relationship.

I will not prioritize justice in one case at the expense of another.

I will respect each and every citizen’s right to self-defense. I will not permit media attention or national public outcry to be an influence in any charging decision.

I will not allow the Office of District Attorney to be ‘weaponized’ against national or local political figures.